House Rules


The following rules are in place for the campaign:

1) As a way of expediting combat and making it less of a battle of attrition, short rests take 10 minutes instead of an hour. Shorter rests mean that you are less likely to be waylaid while taking a rest, though this does not completely prevent chance encounters especially in hostile and dangerous areas.,

2) In lieu of tracking experience, you will instead level up at milestone intervals determined by the DM. You will also have the chance to earn additional levels outside of the purview of simply progressing the story, by undertaking optional quests and adventures that would be relevant to heroes of your station.

3) Feats are allowed, whenever you are given the option to increase your stats in your leveling you can take a feat instead

4) When you level up, to determine your health increase you can roll the first time.* If your roll is lower than the average given by the player handbook you can take that OR you can roll a second time.*

5) Two-weapon Fighting is considered underpowered by the vast majority of the community in comparison to two-handed weapons/shields. You can add your damage modifier to offhand attacks if you are dual wielding and do not require the two weapon fighting trait for this. Offhand attacks still require a bonus action and do not generate additional attacks.

6) To prevent yo-yoing and to make the possibility of death more real, being knocked unconscious now gives the player one level of Exhaustion.

House Rules

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