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Gaining Weight

Through some means or another, the adventurers will be packing on the pounds in this adventure. What, you might ask, is a dedicated weight gain system doing in a campaign that appears to be geared towards intrigue and combat?
To be frank, we’re perverts.

The system is simple; whenever weight gain is inflicted upon the player, a twenty-sided die is rolled, and two thirds of the gain is allocated to the corresponding result on the following table. The remainder is allocated to a region of the body selected upon character creation. For gains under five pounds and any gradual, natural weight gain that may occur, the fat will automatically end up on this body part.

Die Result
Area Gain
Doubled/Roll Again
Gainer’s Choice

Double/Roll Again: This result means that your weight gained is doubled, and you must roll again on the table. Ignore this result after the first time.

Breasts: Weight gains to this region are centered exclusively on breast expansion.

Belly: Weight gains to this region are primarily in the stomach, but may also encompass
trickle-down to other miscellaneous parts of the upper torso, such as face fat, bingo wings, and back rolls.

Butt : Weight gains to this region focus primarily on ass expansion, but may also include widening hips, cottage cheese thighs, or cankles.

Gainer’s Choice: The entirety of the gain, including the third usually exclusively reserved for the gainer’s affinity, is divvied up freely among the body in accordance with the desires of the character (usually being subliminal, ie., the player’s decision).

Fat Stuff

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